Detox shower body scrub

Practical solid body scrub for shower. Eliminates impurities and evens out skin tone thanks to the detox effect of active carbon and the exfoliation of poppy seeds. The perfect ally to the CLEANSING MOUSSE BAR for radiant and healthy skin.

On wet skin, massage with gentle circular movements. Press with more or less force depending on the degree of exfoliation desired.


  • Eliminates impurities.
  • Practical. Ready to use!
  • Smoother and softer skin.
  • Revitalizing scent of Salvia essential Oil!

70 gr | 100% NATURAL | ZERO WASTE

€9.99 (tax incl.)
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Goodbye laziness for a clean skin of impurities thanks to the DETOX SCURB BAR with active carbon and poppy seeds ready to use during the shower.

cleanses and exfoliates at the same time . Clean skin free of impurities in a practical, easy and comfortable way.

Its scent of Salvia also provides relaxation and wellness during the shower.

TIP: Ideal to prepare your skin before the summer and show off an homogeneous and radiant tan skin.


POPPY SEEDS poppy seeds
Poppy seeds are a natural exfoliator that helps remove dead skin cells and cell regeneration.

ACTIVATED COCOUNT CHARCOAL ingredientes naturales
Activated coconut charcoal is a gentle cleanser and scrub ideal for removing impurities from the skin, treating acne, and detoxifying it, balances oily skin, soothes irritated skin and even insect bites.

JOJOBA OIL ingredientes naturales cosmetica natural
Jojoba oil has antioxidant properties, it is recommended as a remedy to treat acne, oily and sensitive skin.

CLARY SAGE OIL cosmetica natural
Salvia essential oil is astringent, sebum-regulating in oily skin, healing, tonic and soothing.

This oil is light and does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin surface, making it an ideal friend for all skin types

COCONUT OIL natural cosmetics
Provides the skin with necessary mineral salts, vitamins A and E, proteins and essential fatty acids for a nourished skin that is much softer and smoother.

AVOCADO OILnatural skincatre
Avocado oil is an all-rounder for the skin due to its multiple benefits: it strengthens, hydrates, regenerates, softens, protects and gives it elasticity.



Option 1: Massage your solid mousse on damp skin.


Massage the solid mousse with your damp hands and massage its soft mousse foam directly onto your skin.


Enjoy the extreme softness of this mousse on your skin!
desodorante natural zero waste

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