July Month without Plastic 2022

Posted on07/01/2022
July Month without Plastic 2022

July Plastic Free 2002 kicks off, the movement that helps to raise awareness and reduce the consumption of single-use plastic during the month of July. If you don't know it, we'll tell you what it is. blog naturlab cosmetics

But... What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is a global movement that raises awareness and helps millions of people around the world to reduce single-use plastic pollution, so we can have cleaner cities, oceans and forests.

Rebecca Prince-Ruiz (the founder of the Plastic Free Foundation) together with a small team from local government in Australia, started what is today one of the most influential environmental campaigns in the world. This movement has inspired more than 100 million participants in 190 countries since its inception in 2011 in Australia.

Making a small change in form collectively helps reduce plastic pollution drastically, and best of all? Many sustainable habits after this month of July will be forever.

Plastic Free July


And...How can I join the month without plastic? Where do I start?

On the Palstic Free July website they offer us many resources so that you can join this challenge, you can opt for small changes during the month of July, or a drastic change, quite a challenge! You can see them here

We share some of them below:

      • Observe which plastic waste you generate the most and which of them you could avoid.
      • Reduce everyday and avoidable plastics such as the shopping bag. Always carry a cloth one with you.
      • Opt for fresh food without plastic packaging.
      • Look for sustainable alternatives without packaging or packaged in recyclable materials.
      • Zero Waste bulk stores and online stores are a good option to start generating less waste during this month without plastic.

Do you join the movement that millions of people already follow? Take the step to a month without plastic!





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