How to treet smelly feet

Posted on07/07/2022
How to treet smelly feet
We are in the middle of summer and this is quite a challenge to keep foot odor at bay, especially for those people who already suffer from it in winter. It doesn't matter if you wear moccasins, sandals or sneakers, if it is not treated, the bad smell accompanies you, but there are remedies that will help you treat and prevent it effectively.
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Why do feet smell?

Foot odor is due to the fact that the feet have a large number of sweat glands, in the case of the feet the eccrine glands are responsible for sweat, but although it may not seem like it, these sweat glands they are your allies, as they help your body regulate temperature and expel toxins.

While it is true that sweating on the feet plays an important role for our body and its proper functioning, it has a major drawback: bad foot odor.

The sweat itself does not smell if the bacteria that proliferate in moist and dark areas do, such as the feet and armpits, hence the bad smell in these areas.

When temperatures soar, your body tends to sweat more, and this added to the time you spend with your feet covered without contact with the air so that the sweat evaporates will cause excessive foot odour.


How to eliminate foot odour?

You may be wondering how to permanently eliminate foot odor.

Today at Naturlab we will show you the way to achieve fresh feet with a pleasant smell!

how to get rid of foot odor


Let's find a solution to foot odor:

Follow these simple tips that will not only help you to combat bad odor, but also to show off healthy feet.

      • Try to give your feet love in the bathroom.
      • Exfoliate your feet once a week. This will help remove dead skin and any bacteria that may be on it.
      • Wash the shoes, a good rinse will kill bacteria and eliminate odors.
      • Give your shoes a break: Even if it's your favorite pair, try giving them a day off. Alternating footwear gives them time to air out and dry from sweat.
      • Keep your feet dry: Remember, bacteria and fungi love moisture.
      • Comfortable and cool feet. To a large extent, the bad smell is due to the fact that we do not let our feet perspire well since we wear them covered most of the time. Take advantage whenever you can to be barefoot@
      • Avoid wet socks, if you are going to play sports, always have a spare one on hand.
      • Try to use powdered deodorant that absorbs moisture and kills bacteria.
      • Wear fresh footwear. It's easy in summer, in winter opt for footwear made with materials that facilitate perspiration, you should also pay attention to the fabric of the socks, always in natural fabrics.
      • Try to use deodorant powder that absorbs moisture and kills bacteria on both feet and shoes. Sprinkle on feet and shoes to eliminate bad odor.
      • Powder deodorant is applied to both feet and shoes to kill bacteria. and can be used daily, weekly or occasionally to keep feet odor free

If foot odor does not improve after these recommendations, you should visit your dermatologist to rule out hyperhidrosis (a condition that causes abnormal and excessive sweating


If you still have questions about FOOT POWDER DEODORANT don't hesitate to contact us!

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